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Split and Close Tickets

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Split Ticket

Split to a new ticket based on the contents of the current one. Automatically fills in from the latest comment, after which you can edit it. Allows you to indicate custom ticket fields to include for the agent to complete. Creates a note on both the old and new tickets to easily refer back and forth. Can optionally add tag(s) to the new ticket

Close Ticket

Allows you to quickly close a ticket. A comment can be added to the ticket as well indicating why it has been closed. The comment can be either public or private.

List Oversized Attachments

Notify user clearly concerning large email attachments that are not shown due to Zendesk limits. A Single click will download the original email containing the file to your desktop.


  • Zendesk Account

See the release notes for Split ‘N’ Close


USD $3.00/Agent/Month