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Finally! Mail Act-On 3

After months of development and testing, we are incredibly happy to finally announce the official release of Mail Act-On 3.

Mail Act-On 3 is a major upgrade

What is new in Mail Act-On 3

  • Mavericks Support
  • Mail Act-On 3 now supports OS X 10.8 and 10.9
  • New interface
  • Reply Templates
  • Composer options including
  • setting delivery times
  • specifying outbox rules to apply
  • specifying archive mailbox for sent mail

Officially Released

Mail Act-On 3 was released on March 5, 2014. You can download the official release at the Mail Act-On product page

Mail Act-On 3 Upgrade

If you purchased Mail Act-On 2 and wish to upgrade to Mail Act-On 3 you can check if you qualify for a free upgrade.

MailTags 4 Upgrade(Pre-release)

If you purchased MailTags 3 and wish to upgrade to MailTags 4 you can check if you qualify for a free upgrade.

Upgrade Policy

Customers who purchased MailTags 3 or Mail Act-On 2 on or after June 1, 2013 qualify for a free upgrade to MailTags 3

Customers who purchased MailTags 3 or Mail Act-On 2 prior to June 1, 2013 qualify for reduced pricing of $14.95 for each plugin

Mavericks Pre-Release Version

Try the MailTags 4 and Mail Perspectives 1.3 pre-releases